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The 7 Best YouTube Cat Videos Of All Time!
There square measure only a few people that will resist the lure of standardization into a decent cat video. that may be why therefore cat videos square measure so preposterously common on YouTube!

We love our cats, in spite of what they arise too. They’re funny, cute, and amazing! If you’re a cat lover like we tend to square measure at CatTime, your phone storage is maybe maxed out with cat videos. After all, who doesn’t like observance recorded footage of felines going regarding their daily business?

That being, therefore, let’s get into a roundup of the seven greatest YouTube cat videos of all time, that we’ve compiled mistreatment the platform’s total read counts

1. Talking Angela

Clocking in at over 900 million views, this five-minute animated short options 2 cartoon felines, Angela and Tom, taking a visit to the beach.

Classic Tom vogue slapstick humor ensues.|this will be a fun video that the entire family can fancy, therefore be happy to share it with the kids!

2. Nyan Cat

The ultimate feline net earworm–the insanely addictive Nyan Cat theme song–has been viewed over 150 million times.

Hit play then fancy ever making an attempt to induce this one out of your head.

3. Cats Meowing

Feel like what you actually have to be compelled to perk your day up to may be a four-minute long compilation of cats meowing?

Turn up the quantity and dig right in here.

4. Giant Maze For Cats

One for the craft-inclined cat fanatic, here we tend to get to witness associate brave human building a large cardboard labyrinth for his or her cats.

Can the plucky felines escape the maze? Watch the unusually hypnotic video to seek out-out.

The 7 Best YouTube Cat Videos Of All Time!

Mama Cat Watches Her Kittens Go Crazy!!

Cats Knocking Stuff Over
Even our lovely cats are capable of wrecking disturbance in our households as a result of they appear to nice pleasure in knock our stuff over. whether or not it’s high-ticket ornaments, different pets and even the younger members of the family they very don’t car

Cats Knocking Stuff Over

Enjoy These Funniest Cats
Here’s a bit one thing to form your day loads cuter… CATS! Our cats are therefore funny they create who laugh all the time. Cats are natural comedians who create the globe an improved place to measure therefore sit back, relax and enjoy!

Enjoy These Funniest Cats